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\ Reduces your power consumption / The birth of anamazing energy-saving product toreduce your energy expensesignificantly!

The Denguard reduces wasteful power produced by theattenuation and interferences of unstable electromagnetic wavesatthe circuit breakers.

This innovative product was developed by studying howwasteful electric energy is being produced in order to achieve ultimate energy savings.

Many businesses use Denguard with documented positive results!

Howis it possible to saveyour operating costs?
Here are Denguard's three hidden secrets


How we were able to cut our operating costs

The Denguard is demonstrating its amazing ability at

avariety of shops, restaurants, offices and more!Hereare someexamples.





Start saving energy by simply placingthe Denguard!

The new-generation innovative energy saver!

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The Denguard, an electromagnetic wave attenuation plate, is a new energy saving product reducing your monthly electricity bill by do-it-yourself easy placement.

Arethere any businessowners having any concerns about theirmonthly electricity bill?

No large-scale hook upneeded, and many businesses are pleasedwith our satisfactionguarantee policy. No satisfaction or your money back!

Some customers seegreat results as early as a month after the placement, and many more customers are joining in!

Unlike other conventional energy saving products, the Denguard requires no large sum ofinitial investment and running costs formaintenance.

So before giving up on energy saving, why not trytheDenguard?

We are delightedto assistyou if you are interested in becoming an authorized dealer or simply inquiringabout the Denguard!

Please feel free to make an inquiry.Our specialist staff will answer your questions and concerns.

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